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There are a lot of rules about what type of light works best.

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What kinds of lights are acceptable?

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For practical reasons, many people choose to use light fixtures instead of natural sunlight. Florescent is easy and works.
There are a lot of rules about what type of light works best and how much wattage you should use. If you use the standard one florescent light strip that comes with most fish tanks you can grow some plants but the choice is much more limited. If you stick 2 of those on there, you'll be able to grow a lot more plants. If you use specialty lights or larger ones, you can generally grow more types of plants up to a point. But it is possible to have too much light for your tank. Each set up has to be considered individually.
If you use the 4 foot shop lights you can get less expensive bulbs. These are the bulbs that look almost blue white. These bulbs are pinkish and seem to help encourage plants that grow reddish colors, though this is just a general observation and may not be true.

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